Here is our second instalment of ManTraining’s top recommendations of certifications available to personal trainers in Toronto, based on over 20 years combined experience and continuing education in the industry,



ABOUT: Kevin Darby, founder and head instructor of Darby Training systems draws from his 20 years experience in the industry as a trainer, coach and instructor. He has worked as a course instructor for The Poliquin Institutes PICP program as well as Stretch to Win’s Fascial Stretch Therapy. He has also trained and treated both professional and Olympic athletes.


LEVELS: Currently the DTS Certification has two levels. Darby also offers courses on Olympic Lifting, Kettlebell Training, Powerlifting, etc.


WHO THIS CERTIFICATION IS FOR: The Level 1 certification is a great starting point for new trainers. It provides an easy to follow and responsible framework for assessing clients, designing an appropriate program for them and their goals, and training them responsibly.


CURRICULUM: Level 1 – Functional Anatomy, practical information on assessing movement, responsible program design, techniques to improve mobility

Level 2 – Bioenergetics, assessing cardiorespiratory fitness, program design to improve cardiorespiratory fitness, rotatory stability and motor control challenge assessments



Level 1: Solid content, great foundation for new trainers, easy to follow protocols, useful mobility tools

Level 2: Tools to assess, track and improve cardiorespiratory fitness (which is key in improving general health as well as athletic performance)



Level 1: None

Level 2: Deadlift:
Male – 1.5 x BW for 2 reps, Female – 1.25 x BW for 2 reps. Front Squat:
Male – BW on the bar for 2 reps, Female – .75% of BW on the bar for 2 reps. Chin Up – Supinated Grip  (chest touches the bar, 1 sec pause in bottom position)
Male – 6 reps, Female – 3 reps


UPCOMING TORONTO DATES: DTS Level 1: March 19-22 2015, June 4-7 2015, October 1-4 2015. DTS Level 2: May 7-9 2015, June 11-13 2015, October 15-17 2015


COST: DTS Level 1: $999.00. DTS Level 2: $880.00